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Let's get FREE in 2014!

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SEO: GOOGLE Mysteries Abound (How Can You Win and NOT be The Clown?)

GOOGLE Mysteries Abound (How Can You Win and NOT be The Clown?)

This BLOG is primarily about Network Marketing and today, Network Marketing is primarily about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  Here's the BRUTAL TRUTH:

Google is like a classmate or more likely someone you knew in your early 20s who played mind games with you. AM I ringing a bell here? The GOOG is doing what it is doing for what it perceives to be "the good of the little google people" but in reality, Google is doing what is good for GOOGLE, period.

That does not mean that what Google wants is bad for you - because if what Google wants was bad for us "Little Guys" - that would leave Google with just the BIG guys which is a much smaller slice of the market, right?

36 days ago we joined PLS (Power Lead System). Now, we LOVE this company and our upline. This is all about you generating leads. The founders have been doing lead gen for 17 years.

So, I purchased a few URLs (website addresses) and directed them over a web page, NOT thinking that anything significant would happen . . . and 36 days later, we have 142 people who have signed up.

ONE of our sign ups is involved in a cell service MLM I won't name. I promised I would look at it. I found the whole end of the industry involved in cell phone service to be too volatile for us.  HOWEVER . . .

As I did the research on Google, I found a new company that is based on a mind food product. We were curious and joined. That was 5 days ago. This comany is in pre-launch with "launch" being January 15, 2013.

Anyway this company uses a clever and honest pre-enroll system. Today, we have 65 pre-enrolled and we have done NOTHING so far, to promote this!  WOW!  You can check it out (for free) at: http://www.MakeMyBrainWork.com  - it's FUN and FREE.

Anyway, Google wants you to think that all that matters is content that is, "Like a popular book or movie - content that engages people and makes them want to read it."


That is NOT ALL. Google may be spitting on links from EzineArticles.com but it is STILL paying to attention to links to your website from other quality websites.  However . . .

At the end of the day - Google IS a computer.  IF Google sees a link from a well respected website to your website - that's "alright" and all will be well.

So, HOW do YOU do that?

Hired LINK GUNS!!!

People are buying old URLs with good and appropriate history, and selling space on NEW websites built around that history to YOU so you can get QUALITY back links!!!  GEEZ, the GAMES!!!

What is your BEST defense?

Start blogging. Post something 2 to 4 times a day like a clock and watch your traffic build.

Would you like over $500 in REAL VALUE for FREE NOW?

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Network Marketing: New Systems That Work?

What Could Be NEW in Network marketing?

As time goes by . . .

Last Friday, I (Scott) was doing research on the net into network marketing companies which market cell phone service.


Well, we all have to have a cell phone - and we all pay about $50 a month for the thing don't we?  So, when someone joins a company that markets cell service, they are NOT spending "new money" - they are not putting another hole in their budget, are they?  It is a simple transfer.

What I found out is that the MOVEMENT in the cell service market is too volatile - it is ripping and tearing companies up - both non-networking companies and MLM companies.

I DID stumble across a new company which officially launches on January 15, 2014.

It is NOT a cell phone service company.  Here is the new twist this company has on network marketing and something you might want to look at - I'm just telling you what happened to us (Julie and I).

# ONE:

I found myself on a capture page that was pretty dynamic - dynamic enough to make me give my name and email to get entry to see what it was all about.

# TWO:

The company has ONE product for openers (it is a new company - but I like SIMPLE as well). It is a brain supplement - (takes care of brain fog, memory problems and a whole list of brain issues). The argument is, that we don't take care of brains, nothing else matters.

THAT rang true with us.  We (Julie and I) are at the start of what will be (remaining) life long effort to keep our brains in shape. My Dad had a stroke while grocery shopping. Apparently, a stroke can unleash Alzheimer's (which lies in wait on the brain). My Dad quickly recovered most of his movement - and his mind was (initially) fine. He rapidly went into Alzheimer's and never came out. Very sad, you say? 

IT IS TERRIFYING!!!  And in there - IN THAT FEAR is a HUGE market!  WE all MUST become Brain Nutrition Experts FAST!


Once "inside" to take a look at this new company, it was explained to me that the marketing plan is an improved binary - and that seems to be the case.

It was also explained to me that I had been placed into the down line - that people would be signing up under me from that moment until the following Wednesday (New Years in my case).  I didn't think much about that.

HOWEVER, I am writing this on December 30, 2014 (Monday morning) and I NOW HAVE 56 people under ME!!!  WOW!  Hey, I didn't DO anything yet!

Here is the reality:  Of the 56 people, all but 2 or 3 are like me - people who just came in to take a look around . . . so what percentage will actually order the product?  Who knows.  I suspect 2% to 4%.

Did we order?

We did.  The other day, when we had 36 people under us, we ordered a bottle of the product. It comes with a 60 day "empty bottle" guarantee - so how could we lose?

Did we sign up as reps?

Well, it was just $20 to do that.

What have we invested to date?


Now, I don't know about YOU but I have NEVER EVER seen anything close to this. WE have $150 BV in a downline of 56 people that we didn't build!

Are we totally and confidently over the TOP?

Not yet.  We have to use the product and become products of the product.  How?  Well, we are 59 and we are having "Senior Moments" (which by the way, are not funny - they are terrifying). So, if it helps with THAT?  We will be SPRINTING to tell the world about this!

What will it cost you to take a look and watch a down line build under YOU for a week?  NOTHING!

All you have to do is Click HERE:  http://www.MakeMyMindWork.com . . .   

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What Would Be The Perfect Work From Home Opportunity for YOU?

What Would Be The Perfect Work From Home Opportunity for YOU?

Hi - We are Scott and Julie Linden . . .
We have millions in small business and 17 years ago, we made over $1 million in a network marketing company. Looking back, the 4.5 years of network marketing were the BEST years . . .

Yes, we found a new opportunity and we are going to do it. The product is in the mail as I (Scott) type this.

So, is this blog to talk you into joining us?

No. It is here to help you find your way through the maze to where you can raise a barn full of money from your own home. If that happens to be with us, great. If not, that's Okay too. We believe you'll get some Secrets, Tips and Ethical Tricks from just checking this out . . .

So, What Would Be The Perfect Work From Home Opportunity for YOU?

Human nature would say: "the opportunity where they send you the money without doing anything."

We all know that's a day dream.

What would be the WORSE Home Based Business Opportunity?

That would be the REALITY for MANY, wouldn't it?

Hey, you signed up. You used the product. You told everyone you know. Now they don't want to know you, LOL!

That's funny because there is reality or truth in all humor that is funny, right?  If the above is your experience, join the crowd.

WHAT Does an "Opportunity" need to work for YOU?

Network Marketing Essential # 1:

It MUST be SIMPLE -AND- Under $100 to join including ordering the product! YOUR up line should NEVER tell you to contact friends and family!

Our first experience in MLM was Excel Telecommunications circa 1995.

Excel was EXTREMELY COMPLEX.  The pay plan took weeks to understand. Guess what?  It was that way on purpose - it was smoke and mirrors!  EXCEL was eventually revealed to be a scam and a sham.

Long before that, we gave a year of lives to that deal!  GEEZ we worked hard. Scott did up to 12 live presentations in ONE DAY!

AND we were PUSHED by "the system" to push everyone we knew and everyone who would say hello to us to listen to our full presentation.  After a YEAR of full time work we were making $1,500 a month.

Now, you will meet people who will tell you, "that's great!" AND in that situation, the upline thought that was great too!  Well, we come from a background where we have made as much $400,000 in a single year - so working all year to get to $1,500 a month is not a thrill . . . AND it shouldn't be for you either.

If you can't make at least $4,000 a month after a YEAR of PART TIME effort, it is NOT the right opportunity for you.

Now, if you have tried Network Marketing or MLM and failed - chances are you are not reading this. If you are thinking of doing it now, please scan the rest of this:
Network Marketing Essential # 2:


After the EXCEL experience, we were introduced to a health product that smelled bad, looked bad and tasted bad. However, the whole family felt better and our kids didn't sick as much. We loved that product and it is in our kitchen still, after 17 years!  Now THAT is how you build residual income - you want a product that builds a fanatical loyalty. Few products other than alternative health products can do that.

Now, that company (17 years ago) had other products. We ignored them!  We stuck to what had worked for us - for our family. Guess what? 14 months later we were making over $20,000 a month. We made over $1 million in 4.5 years. We had FUN!  It wasn't work!  It was so OPPOSITE of EXCEL! AND yes, the pay plan was simple and powerful - and it was under $100 to join including our first product order.

Network Marketing Essential # 3:

Unique and POWERFUL Tools Provided:

There was a tape (this is before CDs). When we got the tape in the hands of people, they wanted the product. We also had a short note that would make them listen to the tape.


That's all you need: 

A POWERFUL Product GUARANTEED to work (60 day, empty bottle guarantee). Under $100 to get started including your initial product order.

A POWERFUL and simple pay plan. It has to pay early and well.

TOOLS that are exciting and innovative.

The company we just joined has all 3.

What happened to us?

We filled out an opt in form (name and email) to look... and it a few days, we had a down line of 20 "pre-enrollees" people who also were looking.

Is it worth checking out?

We would like to ask a favor - will you take a look and tell us what you think? We are interested in your opinion. You be the Judge: Click HERE: http://www.MakeMyBrainWork.com


Scott and Julie Linden