Monday, December 30, 2013

SEO: GOOGLE Mysteries Abound (How Can You Win and NOT be The Clown?)

GOOGLE Mysteries Abound (How Can You Win and NOT be The Clown?)

This BLOG is primarily about Network Marketing and today, Network Marketing is primarily about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  Here's the BRUTAL TRUTH:

Google is like a classmate or more likely someone you knew in your early 20s who played mind games with you. AM I ringing a bell here? The GOOG is doing what it is doing for what it perceives to be "the good of the little google people" but in reality, Google is doing what is good for GOOGLE, period.

That does not mean that what Google wants is bad for you - because if what Google wants was bad for us "Little Guys" - that would leave Google with just the BIG guys which is a much smaller slice of the market, right?

36 days ago we joined PLS (Power Lead System). Now, we LOVE this company and our upline. This is all about you generating leads. The founders have been doing lead gen for 17 years.

So, I purchased a few URLs (website addresses) and directed them over a web page, NOT thinking that anything significant would happen . . . and 36 days later, we have 142 people who have signed up.

ONE of our sign ups is involved in a cell service MLM I won't name. I promised I would look at it. I found the whole end of the industry involved in cell phone service to be too volatile for us.  HOWEVER . . .

As I did the research on Google, I found a new company that is based on a mind food product. We were curious and joined. That was 5 days ago. This comany is in pre-launch with "launch" being January 15, 2013.

Anyway this company uses a clever and honest pre-enroll system. Today, we have 65 pre-enrolled and we have done NOTHING so far, to promote this!  WOW!  You can check it out (for free) at:  - it's FUN and FREE.

Anyway, Google wants you to think that all that matters is content that is, "Like a popular book or movie - content that engages people and makes them want to read it."


That is NOT ALL. Google may be spitting on links from but it is STILL paying to attention to links to your website from other quality websites.  However . . .

At the end of the day - Google IS a computer.  IF Google sees a link from a well respected website to your website - that's "alright" and all will be well.

So, HOW do YOU do that?

Hired LINK GUNS!!!

People are buying old URLs with good and appropriate history, and selling space on NEW websites built around that history to YOU so you can get QUALITY back links!!!  GEEZ, the GAMES!!!

What is your BEST defense?

Start blogging. Post something 2 to 4 times a day like a clock and watch your traffic build.

Would you like over $500 in REAL VALUE for FREE NOW?

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