Monday, December 30, 2013

Network Marketing: New Systems That Work?

What Could Be NEW in Network marketing?

As time goes by . . .

Last Friday, I (Scott) was doing research on the net into network marketing companies which market cell phone service.


Well, we all have to have a cell phone - and we all pay about $50 a month for the thing don't we?  So, when someone joins a company that markets cell service, they are NOT spending "new money" - they are not putting another hole in their budget, are they?  It is a simple transfer.

What I found out is that the MOVEMENT in the cell service market is too volatile - it is ripping and tearing companies up - both non-networking companies and MLM companies.

I DID stumble across a new company which officially launches on January 15, 2014.

It is NOT a cell phone service company.  Here is the new twist this company has on network marketing and something you might want to look at - I'm just telling you what happened to us (Julie and I).

# ONE:

I found myself on a capture page that was pretty dynamic - dynamic enough to make me give my name and email to get entry to see what it was all about.

# TWO:

The company has ONE product for openers (it is a new company - but I like SIMPLE as well). It is a brain supplement - (takes care of brain fog, memory problems and a whole list of brain issues). The argument is, that we don't take care of brains, nothing else matters.

THAT rang true with us.  We (Julie and I) are at the start of what will be (remaining) life long effort to keep our brains in shape. My Dad had a stroke while grocery shopping. Apparently, a stroke can unleash Alzheimer's (which lies in wait on the brain). My Dad quickly recovered most of his movement - and his mind was (initially) fine. He rapidly went into Alzheimer's and never came out. Very sad, you say? 

IT IS TERRIFYING!!!  And in there - IN THAT FEAR is a HUGE market!  WE all MUST become Brain Nutrition Experts FAST!


Once "inside" to take a look at this new company, it was explained to me that the marketing plan is an improved binary - and that seems to be the case.

It was also explained to me that I had been placed into the down line - that people would be signing up under me from that moment until the following Wednesday (New Years in my case).  I didn't think much about that.

HOWEVER, I am writing this on December 30, 2014 (Monday morning) and I NOW HAVE 56 people under ME!!!  WOW!  Hey, I didn't DO anything yet!

Here is the reality:  Of the 56 people, all but 2 or 3 are like me - people who just came in to take a look around . . . so what percentage will actually order the product?  Who knows.  I suspect 2% to 4%.

Did we order?

We did.  The other day, when we had 36 people under us, we ordered a bottle of the product. It comes with a 60 day "empty bottle" guarantee - so how could we lose?

Did we sign up as reps?

Well, it was just $20 to do that.

What have we invested to date?


Now, I don't know about YOU but I have NEVER EVER seen anything close to this. WE have $150 BV in a downline of 56 people that we didn't build!

Are we totally and confidently over the TOP?

Not yet.  We have to use the product and become products of the product.  How?  Well, we are 59 and we are having "Senior Moments" (which by the way, are not funny - they are terrifying). So, if it helps with THAT?  We will be SPRINTING to tell the world about this!

What will it cost you to take a look and watch a down line build under YOU for a week?  NOTHING!

All you have to do is Click HERE: . . .   

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