Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WHY The USA Will BOOM Again (And For A Long Time)

WHY The USA Will BOOM Again (And For A Long Time)?

The USA is in a unbalanced economic situation - the FED and banks on the one end and the economy created by us all working and spending (or the lack luster economy by us NOT working and spending as in now).  Once that imbalance is corrected, we will take off like a rock and roll rocket ride.

What will turn the tide and cause the two sides to balance?

Read Harry Dent.  Harry has a long track record of CORRECT PREDICTIONS - don't follow anyone who doesn't have a GREAT track record of "Getting it right."

You can find his latest book on Amazon - WORTH getting!

Basically, we are going to go through swings of inflation then deflation (probably deflation starting this year (2014). AND get this - gold and virtually all investments will tank


Scott and Julie, are you CRAZY?  Gold is suppose to go through the roof!


The ONLY way gold will go through the roof is if you put a bar in a cannon and shoot it through YOUR roof. 

CASH is going to appreciate - the American dollar will appreciate - meaning it will buy MORE which, by the way, is the definition of DEflation.

What is the best ASSET you can have right now?


Sell most everything and get to cash (according to Harry Dent).


"Scott and Julie, What if I don't HAVE anything now?"


Well, are you the smart investor! (Just kidding).

The best thing you can do is find a way to make cash now - (hint: stop looking for a job).

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SEO: Why your online Efforts are DOOMED

Guess what?

Spin it any way you want - you are DOOMED unless you are providing quality content to the net - not your readers - you need to be talking to the GOOG - who else matters?

After all, unless THE GOOG deems you worthy of page rank, you'll find yourself in the bottom of a deep dark tank - and you'll feel on your butt that spank - the spank that makes you fail to rank!

What can YOU do about it?


Listen, unless you know how to make a riot of attention - you will be on detention and possibly headed toward extinction.  The only way out and UP is by content worthy of distinction.

You may ask yourself what is stinking?  That is your page rank sinking! That is the GOOG stinging because you what you posted stank.

So, how can you make what you write count? GIVE 85% of what you are about.

That is EXACTLY what we strive to do - it is at - all free to you.

To your success,

Scott and Julie Linden

How To Mail 100,000 Post Cards For Free?

You can mail 5,000 post card for about $1,000 - that's 4 cents each for the post card (a full color post card) and 16 each for the postage using the USPS special "every door" campaign.

Why would you mail a post card in an internet world?

How old school can you get - it is embarrASSing to say least isn't it?

So, if that's how you feel, we'll see you later.  Go beat your brains out against the Google Boogle and see if you can figure out how to clicks "for free" - FOR FREE?  WHERE do you get click for free?

Last I checked, a blog post like this gets very few clicks.

I have written a lot of articles that get about 60 clicks a month (for free?) - well, 10 articles that pull 60 clicks a month - it took me probably 12 hours to write them (I type 30 words a minute - maybe less).

AND NOW, the latest SEO research shows the GOOGLE BOOGLE BOTS want an article OR BLOG POST like this one to be 1,000 words - so the bot gets a nice lunch!!

Anyway, that means what used to be a post or article is no longer 500 words.  Do you think people are going pay article writers $40 for 1,000 words when they were paying $20 for 500?  Doubt it!  DEFLATION in action - thanks again Goog!

So how do you get to mail 100,000 post cards for free?

Well, what is going to happen when you mail 5,000?

1% "results" is considered success in direct mail.

17 years ago we mailed 5,000 and got a 4.5% result.

What was the result?  225 people sponsored in about 3 months time.

Is that good?

14 months later, our network marketing group was 10,000 people

WHY will it work now?

We are real estate brokers.

Post cards are working better than ever right now - don't ask why - okay, ask.

WELL eyeballs are the goal of all marketers, online or off. AND the goal of the eyeballs is to get clicks, right?

So what do we all do at the trash can after surgically extracting our mail from that tiny box?

We TOSS the junk, right?

NOW what happens when we open our junk mail? 

Oh wait, that's right - we have junk mail settings so we NEVER LOOK anymore do we?

Are you still sending email?


I loaded 168 of them into an email program that let's me send them  Guess how many OPENED?

That's right, 3 people opened it!!!!!!!!!!!

How about text marketing?

You have to have people sign off before you ever send a text or they will execute you!  REALLY!

So how DO you mail 100,000 for free?

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3 Top Secret Brutal Truths About Network Marketing or MLM

Most people who enter network marketing believe (or they are led to believe)
that a network marketing business can be built by talking to a hand full of
people you know.

In most cases, that is simply not true.


It is simply numbers.

Please read the rest when you can . . .

Thanks so much,

Scott and Julie Linden


Julie and I are real estate brokers. A well-known FACT about real estate
sales is the numbers - these numbers:

If you have a meaningful conversation with 50 decision making adults, 1
(just one) out of the 50 will eventually buy a home or they will list and
sell their home with you - OR they will refer you to a friend of their's who
will buy or sell with you.

FYI: A meaningful conversation with a decision making adult in RE sales is:
"Hi, are you or is anyone you know going to be selling or buying real estate
in the near future?" IF the answer is no, put a mark on the clip board -
and knock on the next door - and repeat. 2 to 5 people out of 50 will say
"YES." Eventually (and at an AVERAGE of 50 to 1) someone out of the 50 (you
give your card to the people who say no too because you don't know when they
will think of someone . . .) will say "Yes - I am ready to buy or sell."

Now is real estate sales, this works because the commission are big. We
sold two houses this month. The commission on one is $5,000 and the other
$7,000. Did "the numbers" that produced those commissions work out? Did we
have a meaningful conversation with 100 decision making adults in order to
make those two sales? YES! The numbers WORK in real estate sales, and they
work like a clock work - every single time. Now, again - a real estate
sales person may talk to 3 people in one day and one of them says, "YES - I
want to buy (or sell) now."
That same real estate agent may then talk to 150 people to produce the next
"deal." The AVERAGE works out to 50 conversations per deal.

17 years ago Julie and I built a network marketing group of 10,000 people in
about 14 months time. We personally sponsored 300 people. How did we do

The single product we promoted was the product we had used (we had used one
of six products the company offered before we decided to work the business).
Our young children were constantly sick - and they would make us sick. All
that stopped when we all used the product. (A liquid - 78 minerals -
product). We all felt better with more energy.

So, we believed with all our hearts in the product . . . ONE JUST ONE

AND your product must be affordable. It doesn't have to be the lowest
price, but it must be within reason.

Testimonials add value to a product.

The product also must NOT be readily available in other (retail) places -
otherwise you are competing with Costco (for example).

The point here is - pick ONE product to promote. Otherwise you are adding
confusion and when people have too many choices, they decide not to decide.
If you have 3 versions of one product (maybe 3 versions of aloe for example)
you can present the 3 - but you are still promoting ONE PRODUCT - aloe,
right? In other words, you show them 3 aloe products after they have
decided they want to use it.

A fancy wrist watch seller advertised in the NY Times - they showed 8
different watches on the page. When they ran the same ad with 3 choices,
sales went way UP!

So, that takes care of the product - sell it with your heart /
estimonials - and it must be special somehow. The solution it offers
(evidenced by the testimonials) must be a solution to a problem many people

The liquid mineral product had all the above attributes at the time.

The business opportunity must be easy to present quickly in what we call "An
elevator speech." This is something you might say while talking to someone
in an elevator. It must be powerful and to the point.

If we go back up to the start of this email about real estate sales - what
was the elevator speech? It was, "Are you or is anyone you know going to be
buying or selling real estate in the near future?"

For Brain Abundance (we have only been working Brain Abundance for 2 days -
we're working on the elevator speech). Here is what is working when I call
people and get them "live" or if it goes to voice mail:

"Hi, this is Scott - and _________ , I'm calling because you requested
information about a home based business - and I'm calling to let you know
how to get to it - it is make my brain work dot com - make my brain work dot
com . . . I have been using the product for a week and my senior moments are
better - and 73 million boomers need this. This also helps young brains too.

The company pays new reps really well - and there is a system that builds a
group for you - even when you are just looking at it - it is very cool - but
keep your wallet in your pocket - just watch it for a week - you can opt out
after that - it is a simple, powerful and fun system."

Anyway, I have either talked to or left messages for 50 people to date. To
do this, I dialed 100 times because half the phone numbers are no good.
From the 50 that I talked to or left VM for, 5 have gone to my Brain
Abundance capture website. None have purchased yet. I suspect one will out
of the 5.
You can see, the numbers will work about like real estate sales.


You MUST have a pay plan that pays the new rep fast.

Now, HOW can it be that the same effort made us $10,000 this month in real
estate sales, but we are working Brain Abundance? If ONE person out of the
5 above who are looking at BA ends up doing the business - they will
eventually make us at least as much as one house sale.

This POINT - that it takes time to get paid in MLM is the biggest reason
people quit trying. The company 17 years ago with the mineral product paid
FAST. The pay plan was 15% level one and 45% level two.

So, people would order, like the product, tell a few friends and they would
get a check. We had many people at $300 a month to $3,000 a month. People
will stay in a program if they like or love the product and they make ANY
MONEY over their product cost.


The "numbers" again . . .

In any program you will need at least 2 or 3 STRONG leaders. You will also
want a need a lot of small leaders. Only about 1 person in 50 will be a
truly STRONG leader - which means to get 2 really STRONG leaders, you will
have sponsor 100 people. The vast majority of the 100 you sponsor will be
very minor - either just product consumers who tell someone who orders once
in a blue moon - or just above that.

Lastly, it helps a lot to have a system like Brain Abundance. It is so
simple. Anyone can order one bottle and pay $20 - and they are in business.
The website and capture page are super simple to get set up and use.

The power leg system makes it to your advantage, because it will give you a
major advantage. Today, we have 360 people in our power leg - yet we have
only worked this for 2 days . . . and we are yet to have our first person
who is looking, order.

Brain Abundance reminds us a lot of the company we made over $1 million
with, 17 years ago.

It Takes A Powerful Pay Plan To Make in Network Marketing or MLM

It Takes A Powerful Pay Plan To Make in Network Marketing or MLM

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SEO: Are Back Links Dead? Google Spank of EZA . ..

SEO: Are Back Links Dead? Google Spank of EZA . ..

Through all the SEO changes of the last several months because of Google changing the game, Google chants, "Quality content is all that matters now." 

Is that true?

Google also took the time to tell the world that when you write an article at EZA (Ezine Articles - the biggest and best article depository on the net) don't bother doing it to produce a back link to your website with the goal of hoping to up the position rank of your website.

FYI: Google used to give cred to a website based on how many links back to that website existed on other websites. The idea being that if a lot of other websites like your website enough to link to it, then your website must have credibility. So, the favorite way to get a lot of back links became to write a bunch of articles with a link to your website. (When you write an article at EZA, your article lives on a web page on that website).

Google made it clear last week or two weeks ago, that it will no longer give "quality link" status to a link in an article on EZA. Bummer. I'm going to go slightly off subject here for a minute and then back to back links and how people are gaining quality back links now (because although Google isn't saying it, quality back links still matter).

The other way articles benefit your website is with free clicks. So for example, if you spend an hour writing an article at EZA and let's say that article pulls 10 clicks to your website a month and it does that for 3 years, then in one hour of your time you have produced 360 clicks (which will come to you at the rate of 10 clicks a month) If Google wants $1 per click from you if you pay adwords, that means you generated $360 in value (provided your website monetizes).

Anyway, you can see, it is probably still worth it to write quality articles that pull even a small amount of clicks. 10 clicks a month should be your minimum goal - but not all articles will pull that well. It depends what you write about and what you are marketing.

Let's finish with the back links and then back to article writing for a minute:

The bottom line? Two ways to quality back links:

If you want quality links, you must either create websites that appear to be older than they are - and you have to load them up with about 15 great articles. AND then, you can put your link in one the articles. BUT you have to do it on a server or a private blog and in such a way so Google can't tell it is you who owns the site built for your back link. To make the site seem older, you have to search out and buy the right kind of URLs (web addresses) that have expired, but were connected to the right sort of website . . .

There are people who have built their online careers doing niche websites just to get the peanuts Google pays with adsense. Some of these people have 200 or 1,000 websites - all of them doing well in the listings because they are everything Google likes. NOW, they have NEW and very lucrative business!  For X dollars they allow you to put an article up on their niche website with your link to your website - and now you have a quality link Google will recognize. Do 15 to 30 of these (and everything else right) and you can rank.

Does it sound like a lot of work?  It is - work or money or both.  What is going on here? Well, Google doesn't mind it if you throw up your hands pay them for adwords.

Back to article writing for a minute?

Let's say you are in a niche where you could average 30 clicks a month from each article. (Some writers can pull 3,000 a month from an article). 

Let's say that whatever you are selling requires 3 clicks and whenever it sells, you make $25.  How many articles do you need to make a living? To make $5,000 a month would mean 200 x $25 profit = $5,000.

How many clicks would you need? If it takes 3 clicks to make a sale, 200 sales x 3 = 600 clicks a month.

If each article you write averages 30 clicks a month, you would need 20 articles. If you only average 10 clicks a month per article, you'll need 60 articles.

If you can write and post an article in an hour, that's just 60 hours of work. Not too bad . . .

Now, if you are selling something which gets repeat orders, you are really winning.

For example, there is a text system for businesses which allows them to text 200 times a month for just under $30 a month. AND if you sell that system to businesses, you get (you guessed it) $29 a month. So the sale you make this month pays you again next month - sweet?

If you are interested in this, email me at: