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SEO: Are Back Links Dead? Google Spank of EZA . ..

SEO: Are Back Links Dead? Google Spank of EZA . ..

Through all the SEO changes of the last several months because of Google changing the game, Google chants, "Quality content is all that matters now." 

Is that true?

Google also took the time to tell the world that when you write an article at EZA (Ezine Articles - the biggest and best article depository on the net) don't bother doing it to produce a back link to your website with the goal of hoping to up the position rank of your website.

FYI: Google used to give cred to a website based on how many links back to that website existed on other websites. The idea being that if a lot of other websites like your website enough to link to it, then your website must have credibility. So, the favorite way to get a lot of back links became to write a bunch of articles with a link to your website. (When you write an article at EZA, your article lives on a web page on that website).

Google made it clear last week or two weeks ago, that it will no longer give "quality link" status to a link in an article on EZA. Bummer. I'm going to go slightly off subject here for a minute and then back to back links and how people are gaining quality back links now (because although Google isn't saying it, quality back links still matter).

The other way articles benefit your website is with free clicks. So for example, if you spend an hour writing an article at EZA and let's say that article pulls 10 clicks to your website a month and it does that for 3 years, then in one hour of your time you have produced 360 clicks (which will come to you at the rate of 10 clicks a month) If Google wants $1 per click from you if you pay adwords, that means you generated $360 in value (provided your website monetizes).

Anyway, you can see, it is probably still worth it to write quality articles that pull even a small amount of clicks. 10 clicks a month should be your minimum goal - but not all articles will pull that well. It depends what you write about and what you are marketing.

Let's finish with the back links and then back to article writing for a minute:

The bottom line? Two ways to quality back links:

If you want quality links, you must either create websites that appear to be older than they are - and you have to load them up with about 15 great articles. AND then, you can put your link in one the articles. BUT you have to do it on a server or a private blog and in such a way so Google can't tell it is you who owns the site built for your back link. To make the site seem older, you have to search out and buy the right kind of URLs (web addresses) that have expired, but were connected to the right sort of website . . .

There are people who have built their online careers doing niche websites just to get the peanuts Google pays with adsense. Some of these people have 200 or 1,000 websites - all of them doing well in the listings because they are everything Google likes. NOW, they have NEW and very lucrative business!  For X dollars they allow you to put an article up on their niche website with your link to your website - and now you have a quality link Google will recognize. Do 15 to 30 of these (and everything else right) and you can rank.

Does it sound like a lot of work?  It is - work or money or both.  What is going on here? Well, Google doesn't mind it if you throw up your hands pay them for adwords.

Back to article writing for a minute?

Let's say you are in a niche where you could average 30 clicks a month from each article. (Some writers can pull 3,000 a month from an article). 

Let's say that whatever you are selling requires 3 clicks and whenever it sells, you make $25.  How many articles do you need to make a living? To make $5,000 a month would mean 200 x $25 profit = $5,000.

How many clicks would you need? If it takes 3 clicks to make a sale, 200 sales x 3 = 600 clicks a month.

If each article you write averages 30 clicks a month, you would need 20 articles. If you only average 10 clicks a month per article, you'll need 60 articles.

If you can write and post an article in an hour, that's just 60 hours of work. Not too bad . . .

Now, if you are selling something which gets repeat orders, you are really winning.

For example, there is a text system for businesses which allows them to text 200 times a month for just under $30 a month. AND if you sell that system to businesses, you get (you guessed it) $29 a month. So the sale you make this month pays you again next month - sweet?

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