Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How To Mail 100,000 Post Cards For Free?

You can mail 5,000 post card for about $1,000 - that's 4 cents each for the post card (a full color post card) and 16 each for the postage using the USPS special "every door" campaign.

Why would you mail a post card in an internet world?

How old school can you get - it is embarrASSing to say least isn't it?

So, if that's how you feel, we'll see you later.  Go beat your brains out against the Google Boogle and see if you can figure out how to clicks "for free" - FOR FREE?  WHERE do you get click for free?

Last I checked, a blog post like this gets very few clicks.

I have written a lot of articles that get about 60 clicks a month (for free?) - well, 10 articles that pull 60 clicks a month - it took me probably 12 hours to write them (I type 30 words a minute - maybe less).

AND NOW, the latest SEO research shows the GOOGLE BOOGLE BOTS want an article OR BLOG POST like this one to be 1,000 words - so the bot gets a nice lunch!!

Anyway, that means what used to be a post or article is no longer 500 words.  Do you think people are going pay article writers $40 for 1,000 words when they were paying $20 for 500?  Doubt it!  DEFLATION in action - thanks again Goog!

So how do you get to mail 100,000 post cards for free?

Well, what is going to happen when you mail 5,000?

1% "results" is considered success in direct mail.

17 years ago we mailed 5,000 and got a 4.5% result.

What was the result?  225 people sponsored in about 3 months time.

Is that good?

14 months later, our network marketing group was 10,000 people

WHY will it work now?

We are real estate brokers.

Post cards are working better than ever right now - don't ask why - okay, ask.

WELL eyeballs are the goal of all marketers, online or off. AND the goal of the eyeballs is to get clicks, right?

So what do we all do at the trash can after surgically extracting our mail from that tiny box?

We TOSS the junk, right?

NOW what happens when we open our junk mail? 

Oh wait, that's right - we have junk mail settings so we NEVER LOOK anymore do we?

Are you still sending email?


I loaded 168 of them into an email program that let's me send them  Guess how many OPENED?

That's right, 3 people opened it!!!!!!!!!!!

How about text marketing?

You have to have people sign off before you ever send a text or they will execute you!  REALLY!

So how DO you mail 100,000 for free?

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