Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WHY The USA Will BOOM Again (And For A Long Time)

WHY The USA Will BOOM Again (And For A Long Time)?

The USA is in a unbalanced economic situation - the FED and banks on the one end and the economy created by us all working and spending (or the lack luster economy by us NOT working and spending as in now).  Once that imbalance is corrected, we will take off like a rock and roll rocket ride.

What will turn the tide and cause the two sides to balance?

Read Harry Dent.  Harry has a long track record of CORRECT PREDICTIONS - don't follow anyone who doesn't have a GREAT track record of "Getting it right."

You can find his latest book on Amazon - WORTH getting!

Basically, we are going to go through swings of inflation then deflation (probably deflation starting this year (2014). AND get this - gold and virtually all investments will tank


Scott and Julie, are you CRAZY?  Gold is suppose to go through the roof!


The ONLY way gold will go through the roof is if you put a bar in a cannon and shoot it through YOUR roof. 

CASH is going to appreciate - the American dollar will appreciate - meaning it will buy MORE which, by the way, is the definition of DEflation.

What is the best ASSET you can have right now?


Sell most everything and get to cash (according to Harry Dent).


"Scott and Julie, What if I don't HAVE anything now?"


Well, are you the smart investor! (Just kidding).

The best thing you can do is find a way to make cash now - (hint: stop looking for a job).

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