Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SEO: Why your online Efforts are DOOMED

Guess what?

Spin it any way you want - you are DOOMED unless you are providing quality content to the net - not your readers - you need to be talking to the GOOG - who else matters?

After all, unless THE GOOG deems you worthy of page rank, you'll find yourself in the bottom of a deep dark tank - and you'll feel on your butt that spank - the spank that makes you fail to rank!

What can YOU do about it?


Listen, unless you know how to make a riot of attention - you will be on detention and possibly headed toward extinction.  The only way out and UP is by content worthy of distinction.

You may ask yourself what is stinking?  That is your page rank sinking! That is the GOOG stinging because you what you posted stank.

So, how can you make what you write count? GIVE 85% of what you are about.

That is EXACTLY what we strive to do - it is at www.FreeHelpFast.com - all free to you.

To your success,

Scott and Julie Linden

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